The Show Must Go On!

Filming and recording songs for Matthew Presidente’s weekly at home concert series “World is Watching” has been a delightful project to be a part of and a great distraction away from the Corona Virus & isolation.  The notion that two (sometimes) three songs have to be recorded for a deadline has given Don & myself reasons not to sit on the couch and “twiddle our thumbs”. 

This week we are filming & tracking songs for “World is Watching” episode 04!  The songs are “Under the Midnight Sky” (an original by myself) and “Sucha Shame” (a Matthew Presidente original off of his 2015 release “Every Single Sin”).  Matthew will be backing me on piano & vocals and I will be backing Mathhew with Guitar & vocals. 

To record and film Don literally turns our apartment into a filming and recording studio.  During a shoot Don will set up two stationary cameras (for two separate angles) while a
third camera is handheld, he arranges the perfect lighting for the mood of the song and also, to match the lighting in Matthew’s apartment for seamless editing.  We really want you (the audience) to feel like I am in Matthew’s apartment in Vancouver performing together.  Don also makes it so recording the song is as seamless as it sounds.  He sets up my recording/stage area so my microphone, in-ear monitors and guitar are connected to his recording workstation for recording. After a couple shows he has the set up down to a science. 

The process of long distance collaboration has been wonderful.   When we are working on one of my songs I’ll have the track ready, we will record & film my lead, choose the best take, send the Logic music files & video files to Matthew by using “Dropbox” (it’s so easy).  When Matthew receives the files he’ll record his backing vocal, piano track & film the take and then he’ll send it back to us for editing.  After we have edited my song & video we’ll send the final cut back to Matthew so, he can add the song/video to the show. The process usually takes 8-10 hours to complete.  The process is reversed when I am performing backing on one of his tracks.

I know Episode 4 will be fantastic!  Also,  today my online “Tip Jar” has been launched via Paypal!  If you like my work please donate.  Links to the are available on my website and my Soundcloud artist page. 

On a sad note on April 13th, 2020 we received news that our friend and fellow performer Kacie Wallace passed away (not COVID-19 related).  She was a fantastic jazz singer and a wonderful person.  I shared many Vancouver stages with her  and she will be missed.    

As a side note: Since Kacie Wallace’s death was so sudden a tribute could not be added to “World is Watching You” episode 04 so, a tribute to her will be added to “World is Watching You” episode 05.  

So, for all of you out there that decided to take a moment to read this blog I hope you all stay safe and stay healthy!

It’s time for a glass of wine. 😉




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