Plays Well With Others

Over the years Tara has has been involved with many musicians and projects.

MT805: MT805 is the result of a collaboration between Matthew Presidente (Vancouver, Canada) and Tara C Taylor (Berlin, Germany). For over a decade the two independent artists have been cowriting songs, supporting each others projects and performing live and online. Living 8000 km apart for the past five years the two managed to write and create content together despite a global pandemic. Out of the shadow of the pandemic they came up with the MT805 project with sole purpose of creating fun dance music that embraces the whimsical and light-hearted spirt of the 80’s. Influenced by great bands like: The Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Depeche Mode, Yaz (Yahoo in Europe & UK), Bronski Beat, Sparks and Erasure now get ready to dance to the sounds of MT805!

Matthew Presidente (Vancouver, Canada): Tara and Matthew performed hundreds of shows over the years in Vancouver backing each other in the studio and on stage . Tara supported Matthew with studio and live performances, co-writing two songs, backing vocals and guitar. With Tara’s move to Berlin the work together have been limited but the are still working on studio projects.

Genre Peak (Sacremento, California, USA): Tara wrote the lyrics for three songs and provided studio vocals on two commercial releases.   In 2016 a live group was formed and preformed in California and live with Tara as  lead vocals on keys.

The Liars Script (San Francisco, California, USA): Tara was part of the band providing keys and backing vocals in the studio and live.

Song Writing Credits

  • Genre Peak; Wear it Well; 2008
  • Genre Peak; Blue Filter; 2008
  • Genre Peak; Amena; 2008
  • Matthew Presidente; Home for the Holidays; 2014
  • Matthew Presidente; Leather & Love; 2016
  • Matthew Presidente; Quarantine Christmas; 2020

Recording Performance Credits (Vocals)

  • Genre Peak; PreterNatural: Wear it Well; 2008; Vocals
  • Genre Peak; PreterNatural: Blue Filter; 2008; Vocals
  • Genre Peak; PreterNatural: Amena; 2008; Vocals
  • Genre Peak; PreterNatural: Different Dangers; 2008; Vocals
  • Genre Peak; Redux: Wear it Well; 2012; Vocals
  • Genre Peak; Redux: Blue Filter; 2012; Vocals
  • Genre Peak; Redux: Amena; 2012; Vocals
  • Genre Peak; Redux: Different Dangers; 2012; Vocals
  • Matthew Presidente; Matthew Presidente; 2014; Vocals
  • Matthew Presidente; Single: Home for the Holidays; 2014; Vocals and Guitars
  • Matthew Presidente; Every Single Sin: Leather & Love; 2016; Vocals and Guitars
  • Matthew Presidente; Every Single Sin: Sucha Shame; 2017; Vocals
  • Matthew Presidente; Every Single Sin: Alex Has It; 2017; Vocals
  • Matthew Presidente; Every Single Sin: Be Patient; 2017; Vocals
  • Matthew Presidente; Quarantine Christmas; 2020; Vocals, Beats, Keys and Guitars
  • Symbiotic (Original Motion Picture Sound Track); We Brave Together; 2020; Vocals
  • The Night; Flown; 2016; Vocals
  • Deus Ex Lumina; In the Shadow of the Valley of the Death, 2023, Vocals and Guitar

Other Music Projects

  • FootPrint (Punk); Lead vocals and writing, Winnipeg, Canada; 1996
  • Into The Trees (Cure tribute band); Lead Vocals, Vancouver, Canada; 2012
  • Stride Elementary (Shoegaze); Lead vocals, Vancouver, Canada; 2013-2014

Live Performances

  • Performed in over 300 shows together with Matthew Presidente between 2006 and 2017 including weekly shows “UnPlugged” @ Numbers Cabaret and “Plugged-In” Tuesdays at Central Bistro Vancouver, Canada.
  • Pride Vancouver Celebration, Canada; Co-Performer with Matthew Presidente; 2006 – 2017
  • Out Games Closing Ceremony, Vancouver, Canada; Co-Performer; 2011