About Tara C Taylor

Tara C Taylor is a singer/songwriter and musician currently living, performing and working on her solo project based out of Berlin, Germany. Tara’s songs tell stories about lust & love, politics and the many journeys in life. All with a touch of attitude and an edgy wit Tara is not your typical singer/song writer.

Tara calls her sound “Acoustic Meets Dance” and considers her sound to be a mixture of post-punk/80’s new wave and electronic dance.  Put another way, imagine if Erasure had a baby with Annie Lennox  with the cool aunt being PJ Harvey and the cool uncle being New Order.

Originally from Winnipeg, Canada Tara now calls Berlin Germany her new home.  Tara is an accomplished musician on guitar, keys, drums and production tech.  Over the years she has collaborated with multiple other musicians on various projects as a writer and performer.  These included: Matthew Presidente (Vancouver, Canada): Genre Peak (Sacramento, California, USA) and The Liar Script (San Francisco, California, USA). For more on her collaborations check out the Plays Well With Others page.

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