A Tribute to a Life Taken From Us Too Soon

As I mentioned in my last post we lost a dear friend of ours named Kacie Wallace (12/19/1986-04/12/2020).  Don and I learned about her death on April 13th and in the days that passed it was revealed (by a member’s post) that she had stage 4 liver disease and she had died in her sleep.  

My heart has felt heavy all week because she was taken from us much too young.  But, she’s not the only friend of mine that has passed away far too young due to natural causes, missadventure (a.k.a accidental overdose) or suicide.  I have known far too many people that are now ghosts that walk among us.

This week’s “World is Watching You” (Episode 05) is taking a more somber note.  For the tribute Matthew Presidente is going to compile video footage & photographs from the shows he & Kacie performed over the years.  He also wants to do a version of Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen and he wants many of the artists that have performed on his show to sing a verse of the song, sing
the choruses, submit the files and footage  to him and he’ll edit it all together.  This takes me back to the shows we did together when we (Don & I) lived in Vancouver because,  Hallelujah was our go-to all inclusive encore song. 

The song I chose for episode 05 is a song I wrote not too long after Don and I moved to San Francisco titled I’m “Only Human”.  It was actually the first song I wrote in San Francisco and it’s a song about leaving all of your loved ones behind because you have the chance to embark on a new opportunity & adventure.  In this case it was my small tribute to Kacie Wallace because she & I  did lose touch for a few years when Don & I lived in San Francisco.  I am glad Kacie and I were able to reconnect in 2019.   I also decided to sing a version of the show’s opening song called “The World is Watching You”.

I have found that during these times where it feels like “Death is Everywhere” (credit- Martin L. Gore from Depeche Mode) sometimes you have to take a look around and love those around you. So, for all of you out there that decided to take a moment to read this blog I hope you all stay safe and stay healthy!

It’s time for a glass of wine. 😉




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