My Blog for the New Order – Isolation

Welcome to my blog!

I have wanted to write a blog for a while and I feel that during this time of isolation due to Coronavirus/COVID-19 would be a good moment to blog about my creative activities, my thoughts & feelings. All this on my website, my platform free of advertising, “news” feeds, privacy breaches, personal data harvesting and clickbait!

I hope you take the time to join me on this introspective & creative journey.

A little backstory…..

2020 started out as an optimistic year.  I had a few gigs lined up, I was sending application packages out to various music festivals and there were plans in the works to tour parts of my home country Canada in the summer.  Then…everything changed.

Don  (my husband/Sound Engineer/partner in crime) and I were in self imposed isolation that started at the beginning of March due to a (non-coronavirus) nasty cold virus we both had. Around mid-March we were over our colds we actually had a chance to meet go out for beers and food with a friend at The Lir Pub one of our favourite local pubs in the Tiergarten-Mitte area in Berlin.

The  city was uneasy with the news of the pandemic spreading but life was still somewhat normal. We did notice that the pub had fewer guests and at around midnight the city
decided to notify bars that thye could only have 50 guests. Lockdown was starting to pick-up pace.


The next night I performed at the Tiki Heart Cocktail Bar & Cafe in Kreuzberg (it was a really fun show! Also, if you are on Facebook the performance was live streamed by Pet Rocks
Music). That would be my last show in Berlin as the city’s lockdown was certain.


Since the lockdown the gigs I have scheduled have been cancelled and the majority of the festivals I had applied to have been cancelled indefinitely.  Also, I had been planning on travelling to Canada for a short tour would not be happening due to quarantine restrictions.

So, what does one do when the bars are closed, stages are silent, isolation is mandated, travel is restricted and the world as we know it has shut down? You connect with your other creative friends online and you improvise!

As the saying goes: “The Show Must Go On”

Words that I live by.

Stay healthy and be safe.



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