New Collaboration with Deus Ex Lumina and a New Release

Hello Friends and Fans,

I have been extremely busy in the city of Berlin. A few months ago I began working with the dark wave band extraordinaire Deus Ex Lumina.  I have to say working with DEL has been amazing.  I had the pleasure of contributing ethereal backing vocals and a heavy/gothic guitar riff on their latest release (a cover of Marilyn Manson’s) “In the Valley of the Shadow of Death”.  The combination of his dark vocals, layers of synths and my ethereal backing vocals gave this track a haunting sound. For the release there is a fantastic video:

Click to Watch on YouTube

You can also listen to the track on Spotify: In the Valley of the Shadow of Death

I look forward to working on many more songs with Deus Ex Lumina. I hope you all have a fabulous kick off to a warm & wonderful summer!




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